NI HAO PEKIN turned 2 today!
Can’t believe two years ago I started my journey in China! 

NI HAO PEKIN turned 2 today!

Can’t believe two years ago I started my journey in China! 

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102nd discovery: Last day in Beijing

Last day in Beijing! I will be back to Paris this afternoon. I must say I had a wonderful time living three months in China, visiting amazing cities such as Shanghai, Tianjing, Datong and Xi’an, tasting different kinds of food, learning a very difficult language, and meeting very nice people. I hope I will back in a near future to continue visiting this fabulous country or, maybe, to apply the skills I acquired about doing business in China. Next steps: Paris and then New York where I plan to begin a new blog. I treated “Ni Hao Pékin” with care everyday and I hope you took as much pleasure reading it as I writing it. 

“Il fait un froid de canard laqué !!!”

Néologisme marionien illustrant l’hiver pékinois 2011

101st discovery: Love at first sight

I’ve been in Beijing since September 5th, and even though it’s sometimes bad looking and dusty, I must admit I still love it!

And you? 你 喜欢 中国 吗? 

100TH DISCOVERY: 我 爱 中国

100ème jour à Pékin si mon décompte de blog est bon!

Et toujours comme un poisson dans l’eau!


Xi’an Beilin Museum is a specialized museum for collecting and displaying the steles and engraved stone art works of the past ages. It was built on the original site of Confucius Temple in the 2nd year of the Yuanyou era in the Northern Song Dynasty (1087). It has seven display rooms for stone tablets, eight stone tablet pavilions, six display corridors for epitaphs, preserving more than 4,000 pieces of stone tablet inscriptions from the Qin and Han dynasties to the modern times. The religion and mausoleum stone-sculptures display rooms respectively lie in the east and west of the museum. Besides, various temporary exhibitions are held in four temporary display rooms. Xi’an Beilin Museum is a consecrated palace of Chinese calligraphy art. 

To finish her work, the artist affixes her seal… in red, the noble color in China. 

Yao Xue E working on my winter crane (which is supposed to be a white bird…)

At the end of the video my friend’s remark corresponds exactly to what I thought at the moment! 

98TH DISCOVERY: 你 绘 画 画 吗 ?  (Can you draw?)

In Xi’an, my friend and I met Yao Xue e, a Chinese artist in a brushes shop. She took us to her stand near the Steles forest museum. There, she sells the works of her friends and her own pieces. Because she couldn’t make a substantial discount on the watercolors we bought, she accepted to draw everything we wanted “mianfei” (for free). I picked a crane and Aurore chose plum blossoms. In the end, she gave us her interpretation of her works: In winter (dongtian) it’s difficult to set the crane and her shadow apart, so the frame is blurry (it seems that the crane is wearing a big fur coat, I love it!). When it comes to Aurore’s painting, there’s a saying about a dragon spell that was cast on the plum tree. Therefore the biggest branch is quite twisted. So poetic!

Avez-vous déjà vu… une nouille de 3,80m ? 

Maintenant oui !